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This free service can be used to generate individual barcodes.
Currently we support about 30 different symbol types. is free and no registration required. We also will not include any 'branding' into the barcode.

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Supported Symbol Types

Point of sale

EAN-13  (EAN, UCC-13, JAN, JAN-13)
EAN-8  (UCC-8, JAN-8)
UPC-A  (UPC, UCC-12)
ISBN  (ISBN-13, Bookland EAN-13)
ISMN  (International Standard Music Number)
ISSN  (International Standard Serial Number)

GS1 Databar

GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional  (Reduced Space Symbology, RSS-14)
GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional  (RSS-14 Stacked Omnidirectional)
GS1 DataBar Truncated
GS1 DataBar Limited  (RSS Limited)
GS1 DataBar Stacked  (RSS-14 Stacked)
GS1 DataBar Expanded  (RSS Expanded)
GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked  (RSS Expanded Stacked)

Supply Chain

GS1 Data Matrix
SSCC-18  (EAN-18, NVE, Serial shipping container code)

1D Symbols

Code 128  (USD-6, USS-128, Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 128C)
Code 39  (Code 3 of 9, LOGMARS, Alpha39, USD-3, USS-39)
Code 39 Extended  (Code 39 Full ASCII)
Code 93  (USD-7, USS-93)
Code 93 Extended  (Code 93 Full ASCII)
Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF)  (ITF, Code 2 of 5 Interleaved, USD-1, USS-Interleaved 2 of 5)

2D Symbols

Aztec Code
Aztec Runes
Data Matrix
QR Code  (Quick Response Code)

Postal symbols

AusPost 4 State Customer Code
Deutsche Post Identcode  (DHL Identcode)
Deutsche Post Leitcode  (DHL Leitcode)
Japan Post 4 State Barcode
Royal Mail 4 State Customer Code (RM4SCC)  (RM4SCC, CBC)
Royal Dutch TPG Post KIX 4-State Barcode  (KIX)
United States Postal Service Intelligent Mail

Pharmaceutical Symbols

Italian PharmaCode  (Code 32, IMH, Radix 32)
Pharmacode   (Pharmaceutical Binary Code)
Two-track Pharmacode  (Two-track Pharmaceutical Binary Code)
Pharmazentralnummer (PZN)

Raw symbols

Raw DAFT succession for custom 4 state symbologies

Used libraries

This tool uses Barcode Writer in Pure JavaScript which itself is based on the fantastic Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript.